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What documents do I need to travel?

For Alaska cruises, all U.S. and Canadian citizens must travel with proof of citizenship, which is a valid passport, or birth certificate (complete with raised seal, not a photocopy) with a picture identification, or a certified naturalization certificate with picture identification. Any state government issued drivers’ license or other form of picture identification should be acceptable.
Non-U.S. citizens who are residing in the United States are required to travel with their Alien Registration Card (Green Card) and valid passports. All others must have valid passports and necessary visas at embarkation. For cruises to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, if you have any concerns about visa requirements, and we will assist you with the documentation required to travel. We care very deeply about pleasing our guests!

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What should I pack?

This will depend on what cruise you are taking and also what cruiseline and ship you are on. Princess Cruise Line and Holland America tend to lean more on the formal side whereas Carnival will tend to be more informal and casual. The Caribbean, Hawaiian and Alaskan cruises are less formal than a Transatlantic, Mediterranean or a European cruise. Generally speaking, it is very casual during the day and casual to formal in the evening.
For men, a dark suit will be fine, even for the ‘formal night’. If you wish to wear a tuxedo, we would recommend you rent one on board the ship. Most ships offer this service. Tuxedos are generally not a must but many guests who have one, like to carry their own.
Ladies can take cocktail dresses or a long formal dress. On a 7 night cruise, there are usually one to two formal nights and on 3 to 4 night cruises, there is just one formal night. The rest of the evenings are pretty casual and men should wear a collared shirt to dinner and ladies should wear slacks or skirts. No jeans or shorts in the dining room!

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Is it expected of me to tip? If so, how much?

Tipping is entirely up to you. We would suggest, however, $7.00 to $9. 00 per day/per person for your waiter, bus boy and cabin steward. Other cruise lines add gratuities automatically to your bill.

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Can I call home from the ship?

Most of the ships today provide Ship to Shore telephone service. It is also possible to call from your stateroom but you may want to check before hand what the prices are as, Ship to Shore rates apply and it may come out very expensive. You may also want to limit your conversations if you have to use the telephone on board the ship.

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What is included in the price of the cruise?

Everything on board is free, that is your meals, your accommodation, all shipboard entertainment, all taxes and depending on what type of a cruise you have paid for, your airfare and ground transportation to and from the port is also included. You will have to pay for liquor, shore excursions, photos, gratuities, gambling and incidentals.

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Is there a doctor or a nurse on board?

Every major ship will have a medical centre to handle an emergency. If you know of a medical condition that you have, please ask us when you are booking your cruise so that we can make sure that the ship you are cruising on can handle your needs.

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How can we arrange for sightseeing when in port?

You can book shore excursions on line. You will need your reservation number, ship name and sailing date. Up to 10 days prior to your sail date, you can purchase shore excursions on line. After that, you will need to do that on board the ship.
Your ship will typically arrive in port early in the morning at which time you are free to go ashore. In most cases, you will be back on board the ship by 4pm. This gives you more than enough time to enjoy one of the cruise lines' shore excursions. Many guests like to do their own thing! They like to walk to the market or pick up a taxi to the nearest beach, or go scuba diving. Upon debarkation, you will find locals waiting to sell their own tours. While these tours may be quite good and safe, sometimes a little cheaper too, we would highly recommend that you take the cruise ship sponsored tours and excursions. This way you will not have to worry if you will make it back to the ship on time for departure.

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Is there Internet access on board?

Most of the newer ships will have computers connected to the Internet. You will have to pay for computer time and you can access your e-mail using Hotmail or Yahoo. It is always wise to check with us if this service is available on board the ship you have chosen. Laptops can also be used but you will have to pay quite a hefty sum (approximately US$8-10) per minute to make a ship to shore call to dial into your Internet provider.
At most ports of call, however, you will find Internet Cafes in the city centre. For a minimal charge, you will be able to access the Internet.

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Will there be enough for our children and us to do on board?

There is ample to do and a lot of cool stuff for the children on most of the ships. For example, Holland Americas Club HAL is a special, fully supervised program for guests 5 to 17. For little ones ages 5 to 8, there’s story time, arts and crafts, ice cream sundae parites, candy bar bingo etc. For ‘tweens 9 to 12 and teens 13 to 17, there’s putt-putt golf, pool and pizza parties and most ships have video games disco, movies and much more. Some ships have their own KidZone and WaveRunner rooms, complete with computer and video game areas and a dance floor for teen parties.
Cruises are a great way for families to travel and see a variety of countries and ports. Some ships also offer baby sitting services and daycare centers. Ask us for more details on which ships are best suitable to your needs.
For adults who are worried about having enough to do, choose the larger ships (40,000 tons and above) they will typically have more activities due to the sheer number of people on board.
Just to name a few, ships have dozens of planned and spontaneous activities going from sunrise to way past midnight. Pool activities, sports, bingo, casino, wine tastings, dance lessons, dancing, karoake, live entertainment, movies, television, fitness centers, shore excursions, talent contests, masquerade parties, Captain's party, country western night, and much more.

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Will I get seasick?

It is unlikely that you will notice any motion on a large cruise ship, even if you are sensitive to motion in automobiles or airplanes. All ships today have stabilizers to smooth the ride. Some cruises sail calmer waters than others. Caribbean and Alaska cruises enjoy smoother sailing than say Bermuda. If seas do get rough, there are many preventative medications available on board.

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If you have any further questions regarding your cruise, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the answers you require.

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