"Firstly, may I take this opportunity, in writing, to say how much more the holiday meant to us due to your extra efforts on our behalf.  Blessings to your servant's heart that goes beyond just doing your duty.

Thanks again for being there and making the beginning of the trip so much easier and taking the time to give us a hug at the end and to see that we enjoyed ourselves.  We have nothing but praise for our traveling travel agent!"

Henry and Laura Block

"Siggi and Nargis have been just wonderful arranging our trip from Copenhagen to London. They took care of every minute detail regarding our trip. The advantage of working with Siggi and Nargis is the fact they have lived in so many of the cities...

Jack and I are both very happy. We would strongly recommend them to anyone wanting excellent personal service offered by them in arranging air, cruise and land vacations."

Linda and Jack Finkelstein
Vancouver, B.C.

"We arrived at Canada Place Pier in Vancouver, BC after a very long and tiring flight from Florida. With three ships at the port, it was very busy and we had no idea what we were supposed to do. Siggi assisted us taking care of all the formalities...

Before long, we were on the ship and we say 'Thank you' Siggi! With people like you around, it is still a pleasure to travel. "

Ari and Shula Shoan
Tampa, Florida


"We have just returned to New York from our Alaska cruise. We are still floating! We want you to know how grateful we are for your exceptional service in getting us this cruise.

You booked a great cruise at a very good price, and the fact that you met us at the Pier and walked us through the formalities up to the gangplank of the ship for our 5 p.m. departure made the difference for us.

Again, thank you very much for your exceptional service."

Gerti and William Colbert
New York
United States

"Thank you! For your Awesome personal service! Your recommendation of the Serenade was on the “Money!”, the weather was perfect! Elaisha and I had a fantastic time, we both will remember this special trip for the rest of our lives."

Karim and Elaisha

Awww....Nargis...you deserve to be spoiled...for all that you do and also
for the way you do things-you are gracious, kind, diligent-you go above and
beyond and for this we all appreciate you. But I think it's not what you
do--it's who you are :-)


I would have to say there is no better travel agent than Nargis Gercke. Her title "travel agent" does not fit the bill, as she is so much more.

In addition to planning a vacation from A to Z, she takes a personal interest in all of her clients, as it is of the utmost importance to her, to ensure her clients' satisfaction.

Not only will she be our agent for all ensuing trips, we have found a new friend in her.

Ms Myrna Dorfman

"I have cruised in many countries on different cruiselines and if you need more details, visit my blog on blog.travelwithexperience.com"

Siggi & Nargis Gercke
Cell: 514-377-5491
Toll free: 855-377-5491
email: info@travelwithexperience.com


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